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Author and Pastor, Steven Birnie


(Proverbs 3:5-6) “……..trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths……….” 

Pastor Steven’s Testimony – I thought it would be helpful on this Website to share my own Personal Testimony so that you can have a better understanding of who I am and where I come from.  As Christians we all have a Testimony of Salvation in Jesus Christ and I’d encourage you to keep yours as close to your heart as you can. I hope that my own personal account tells you of the Grace God has shown me over my life and I hope it truly blesses you. If you’d like to read our Statement of Faith and the account of how this Online Bookshop came into being, please visit our Blog Page.

I was born in June 1976 in a small City called Elgin on the North-East coast of Scotland.  I was very blessed to grow up with a largely Godly family, still a devout Christian, my Mother continues today to be such a great example to me of God’s great grace, care and gentleness.  My Grandparents in my early life also showed me a great example of such simple godliness, so powerful in the love and tenderness which they seemed to show so effortlessly to everyone they met.  My Grandmother was saved when she was very young after revivals which broke out all along our coastal fishing villages and my Grandfather was saved during World War Two, so they had quite an impact on my life.  Both of them have since went on to be with Jesus praise God, Grandma not so long ago and Grandpa a few years ago now, but I’ll always remember and be grateful for the impact they had on my life.

At the age of nine years old I’d personally come to a place where I knew I needed to accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, realising in my heart that I had a sinful nature, I knew I needed God to forgive my sins and give me peace.  In 1985 a visiting evangelist called Dave Brett was preaching one night and everything just became so clear to me and as a result, I had a wonderful conversion experience. God’s presence during my confession of faith was so strong, so much so it sent me into a tremendous shaking, never before had I experienced God in this way and afterwards the sense of cleansing and peace was just amazing. Now, you’d have thought with all that testimony and background that I should really have carried on into great things with God and live a real Godly life however sadly, the opposite became true. As a teenager, I seemed to lack the courage to walk with God and soon I was slowly slipping away.  As I moved into my teenage years the temptations of the night-life in our city soon took hold of me and before I knew it, I was beginning to live a life of drink, drugs, endless partying and as many experiences with the opposite sex I couldn’t count.  I was partaking in many of the sins that my choice of life had to offer and at this point, thoughts of God and church were becoming a distant memory.

On the surface it looked like I had it all, two cars, a great job, a beautiful girlfriend (who is now my wife), motorbikes, I owned my own home,  we had holidays abroad, when I went out I knew all the door staff in the clubs, barmaids and I had massive circles of friends. Most people looking at me would have thought, wow that guys got it all and I’m sure it looked like that on the surface, but underneath it all I was becoming desperately unhappy and beginning to struggle more and more. In about 2001 it all came to a head and everything began to come crashing down, I lost Sharon and I was in danger of loosing my house and my job, I just couldn’t believe it, I kept thinking how on earth did this happen.  Things just kept getting worse and worse and it came to the point where I just felt like I wanted to go to sleep and never wake up.  But that wasn’t the worst thought, the worst thought of all came when I had the realisation that even if I had all of that stuff back, I still wouldn’t be happy and this my friend, was the scariest thought of all. As I started to look back over my life, I began to remember the only time I’d truly been at peace, felt true joy and assurance and all of a sudden it became clear, what was missing was Jesus.  I ran back to Jesus and to my amazement I found him still to be that same, loving, open armed Saviour that I’d turned my back on all those years ago.  Despite all I’d done, even though I didn’t deserve in any way his favour, he forgave me and took me back in.

What followed in the months and years was God having to repair a lot of damage that I’d caused to myself, to others and most of all to our relationship.  I’d taken on a lot of issues during my years of sin both spiritual and emotional as well as many broken circumstances and situations all of which took time to work out.  But God did far more than I could have possibly imagined, one by one he began to repair those broken places and fix my circumstances, he restored the relationship between him and I, my relationship with Sharon, he made us a family again, he repaired my finances, my work, my relationships with others, you name it he did it.  God did what no man could do, he fixed situations which couldn’t have been salvaged and took the things I’d turned to ashes and gave them great beauty. These days, I have the testimony of a great marriage and family life, I have a good job and I oversee as an Associate Pastor in our local church, I’ve written these Christian EBooks, created this Online Bookshop and we hope to open a Children’s Home in our area.  Life’s certainly not perfect by any means and I still have challenges including daily pain from surgeries as well as having to take various forms of pain relief, but it’s a small thing compared to what my life could have been. I’m convinced, that if it were not for God’s intervention in my life, I wouldn’t be here today and for that, I hope I’ll always be grateful.

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